$32.00 USD

Gizem - A women's name, mystery, in Turkish. At the year's end, longer bouts of night in which we toil, over books, tomes. Carried into our space. We pass through their pages, opened and closed- words and revelations that stay and brew within us. Carry into the night - visions in sleep, in the shadows do brew. 

Handcoiled & handshaped brass frame, plated with gold or silver, layered with Turkish cotton mercerized thread. 100% handmade at our workshop in Istanbul. Silver hooks are hypoallergenic, gold hooks are plated and may wear down to the mixed metal. For environmental reasons we don't provide french wire keepers, the hooks are strong and can be clasped.

Material: Silver blended brass, polyester

Color : Midnight, light grey, dark grey

Dimension: 3.5 x 4.5 cm

Weight: 10 grams