Come Fly with Muhra

Come Fly with Muhra

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With each season Muhra is growing stronger and reaching new heights we never dreamt possible when we first began. The evolution of the Muhra brand has been an incredible journey already, a journey that honours the artisan women involved, but there still a long way to go. Your support has always been our biggest strength and enabled the women of our artisan team to thrive.

As Summer has been turning to Autumn, the Muhra artisan team have been working hard behind the scenes to produce a beautiful new seasonal collection. We continue to be inspired by their dedication and are so excited to launch the new range by leaving the comfort of our workshop and braving the marketplace.

This holiday season we want to share their message even louder!

We need your support to help Muhra grow into an ever stronger and more sustainable platform.  
Donate now and invest in us to reach new horizons!