Muhra is a Syrian Women's Social Enterprise in Istanbul. Registered as a business in the republic of Turkey.  The Muhra Store is our online marketplace, where we feature the Drop Earrings Not Bombs collection as well as our AW17 and SS18 collections. Muhra is an initiative of Small Projects Istanbul.

Muhra means female foal in Arabic, we represent the growth, strength and resilience of women all around the world. Raise your hand to the sky, it's more than you & I...

We are, together boundless

All our products are handmade, each process including; dyeing, cutting, sewing, embroidering, threading, metalwork, beading and printing is crafted by our hands. We source our fabrics, supplies and ideas locally, the bustling streets and bazaars of Istanbul inspire our collections. 



DENB is a creation of two groups of people coming together...

A group of individuals who met volunteering on Samos island in Greece in the winter of 2015, and a group of women and men living displaced from Syria in Istanbul. They met under the roof of Turkish NGO Small Projects Istanbul in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Capa in the Fatih district of Istanbul. 

Our beginnings are testament to the power of intersections where those moving away from war are met by opportunity and community.   


Drop Earrings Not Bombs' aims are to create beautiful earrings, to value the work of handmade products and to foster the empowerment of women who are natural leaders, all within the creative and collaborative space of a community center, a home to families and a hub to ideas. The women are living with the freedom & choice to work from home, this is primary in respecting their situation & needs. 

Our name is a statement of our action, we begin again, stronger than before the war. We create together, collaborating our worlds through work.


Each unique pair of earrings is hand crafted, by a group of 20 women, who started as strangers and now have the identify of a force for good. Love is infused into all our earrings, every design echoes the journey and fond memories of the hands that make them.

The earrings represent change, we weave the stories of our past into each pair, as we look up, to contemplate our better futures.  




Our workshop space is inside Small Projects Istanbul NGO, our home

'Helping Refugees Rebuild Their Lives'. Small Projects Istanbul is refugee-supporting NGO. We run a community center which provides integrations and livelihood activities for refugees in Istanbul. Turkey. SPI shows the power of a safe, transformative space in which training, education and care can thrive. The values and aims of SPI guide our work and support our growth. In our home we can cultivate transferable skills to develop personally and professionally through language and computer classes, as well as workshops on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and small business management. There is daily childcare, where the children are engaged in music, art, photography, computer and education mentoring. To find out more about our home, other initiatives and programs around us, read more here.