Friends of Muhra

Friends of Muhra


Do you want to make an impact, share our story & sell our beautiful earrings. We want to support you in doing so! 

Ideas for ways to BE an AMBASSADOR : 

- Host a meal with Syrian recipes and talk about our project

- Post on Instagram, become a Muhra #dropearringsnotbombs influencer

- Buy an Ambassador Collection of 30 pairs and get a 20% discount

We admire independent spirits & a can-do attitude, if you are interested in becoming an ambassador, we are supporting you, go for it! If you require more information and for when you want to place an ambassador order, contact us at hello@muhra.org    

You can see examples below of inspiring events our current 'ambassadors' have held in their local area, expanding the reach of our project and connecting us further into the wide world....